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A Day in Senior School


Before school starts many of us go to one of the clubs available such as cross-country, high jump and other sporting opportunities. There are also some clubs like chess and board games that are more though-based, than physical. The club I went to on this this day is high jump because it is a great way to get up, be awake and get active.


Apart from starting the day with a club, you will meet and line up at 8.30am, then place your bags in the bag-room and check your timetable to see what books you will need first. Then you go to your form room to register with your form tutor, which is a good chance to find out what is happening that day. From there we head off to the Assembly Hall, where we wait quietly from Mr Snow, Mrs Hart, or Mr Chandler to start the day’s assembly.

After the three 35-minute lessons at the beginning of the day, which may be made up of a double and a single lesson and which will be in different places around the school, it is break time.  In the summer, I go to squad cricket practice (I am often wicket keeper) at break and others play a variety of games on the field, or do one of the many clubs on offer, which you can just turn up to. It is a 30-minute break which makes time for lots of cricket training!

Back to the middle part of the day where, today, I have maths followed by double P.E. Maths is often very hard and I have to work very hard. My next lesson is art; Mr Larwood is so inspiring and all the pupils produce amazing art work.

After lunch, I go off to debating club, today, where we play games like the hot air balloon game where you have to debate why you should be the one to stay in the hot air balloon and not the ones to be thrown out!

In the last lessons of the day I have PSHE and Games.  in PSHE we talk about a certain topic with the form teacher, subjects like differences, tolerance, or diversity and things like that. In games lessons, we play sports according to the time of year.  In the autumn term we play football, in the spring we play rugby and in the summer, we play cricket (I am in the top group for cricket).  The girls play netball through both those terms, but also have their own inter-school football competitions.  We play lots of other schools in competitions.

After school, there are more clubs to be had, or some go to prep. Today I am going to orchestra, because I play the flute, but the list is huge. Finally, we go home…exhausted! This is just one of the amazing days at Alleyn Court.

By Jacob Guyler Head Boy

  • The experience continuesConnect with us…