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Charity Events at Alleyn Court

At Alleyn Court every opportunity is taken to further pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.  An excellent example of this in practice is the participation in charity events.  Here pupils learn to recognise the needs and interests of others as well as themselves and develop characteristics such as kindness and unselfishness.

They are able to relate to others successfully through an understanding of the responsibilities and rights of being a member of various family, local, national and global communities.  

This in turn leads to a growing awareness and appreciation of the diversity and richness in their own culture and others.

Through Harvest donations we have supported the valuable work undertaken by SHARE - a food bank and advice service for families sharing the same SS3 postcode as the school and SAVS [Southend Association of Voluntary Services].  

Sponsored events have also supported the invaluable work undertaken by Little Havens, an Essex based hospice caring for children and their families for years, months, weeks or even just hours -   making a real difference to their lives.  Non-uniform days are held to raise money and awareness for the work of national charities such as Jeans for Genes, Comic/Sport Relief, Children in Need and the Save the Children Christmas Jumper appeal.

In addition, international charities in Mozambique and Nepal have benefitted from pupil-led fundraising initiatives.

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