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Welcome from the Head


As the Headmaster of Alleyn Court Preparatory School, I am delighted to welcome you to our website.  It provides a useful portal for parents, children and friends of the school, whilst also acting as a window into the daily life and experiences of our children, for those interested in visiting, or attending our school. 

When we were growing up, we didn’t realise we were making memories, we thought we were just having fun! Alleyn Court provides an exciting and wondrous adventure where outstanding learning is present at every opportunity. We are a preparatory school and we work to ensure that children experience a rich and broad curriculum; that they are well-prepared academically, socially, emotionally and physically, to really thrive on the rigorous challenges facing them in their secondary school of choice.

We aim to:

  • educate children up to the age of eleven years old so they emerge as respectful, responsible, resilient, resourceful and reflective young people.
  • provide a first-class education through an environment that promotes curiosity, creativity, wonder and a love of learning;  
  • use a broad, rich and stimulating curriculum to inspire each child to attain the highest levels of academic, physical, artistic, and social endeavour, through understanding that sustained effort, reflection and diligence will always enhance results;
  • ensure children are best prepared for whatever expectations they encounter when they move to their chosen secondary education;
  • instil a passion to pursue dreams to fruition and the skills to contribute to a world of rapidly changing opportunities and technologies.

We celebrate curiosity, discourse, effort and investigation.  This results in individuals who know themselves well, have diverse and interesting personalities, and who thrive on challenging opportunities, having developed effective and robust work-ethics. We believe in developing children who are morally strong and creative problem-solvers.

Set amongst fourteen acres of woodland and playing fields, with our own large pond and historic walled garden, we enjoy a secluded and peaceful environment which lends itself perfectly to our experiential curriculum.  It is the perfect environment in which to grow, learn and work.

What Does Being Independent Mean For Us?

As an Independent School, we are privileged to be unfettered by the stifling constraints facing other schools.  We have the staff, the site and the ambition to ensure children thrive.  We maintain a rigorous academic focus, whilst developing the whole child through a rich, broad and enthralling curriculum.  But we are not just another independent school; we are unique in many ways.

Our Unique Approach

It might sound strange to consider this unique, but primary education is what we do.  We are alone in our local area in being a large Prep School, completely focussed on one thing; making sure that children leave us best-prepared for the widest range of secondary school options possible, confident that whatever the experience, they will be more than able to match the expectations.  

Our teaching approach is uniquely focussed to this end.  From Yr1 onwards, children benefit in being taught Art, PE/Sport, French, Music and Drama by specialist teachers.  As children move up to Years 5/6, they enjoy a curriculum taught entirely through subject specialist teachers.  This allows for increased progression and importantly prepares children to move seamlessly into any style of secondary provision confident that they will continue to progress effectively.

See For Yourself…

If you are interested in finding out more about the school, please do contact us to book a tour with myself.  Meet our children and see for yourself why we are increasingly the school of choice for those families making the ‘big move’ from London, wanting the space, the big skies and the best education.  

Rupert W.J. Snow

  • The experience continuesConnect with us…