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Speech & Drama


For those pupils wishing to go beyond the curriculum, Alleyn Court offers Speech and Drama lessons as an optional extra. Currently, there are over 100 pupils from Reception class to Year 6 taking Speech and Drama classes.

Children are taught in small groups to help them achieve individual goals and lessons aspire to provide a wide variety of communication and performance skills. We seek to unlock the imagination, support creative thinking and build an appreciation for literature, poetry and drama. Children learn the importance of movement and body language, understand voice projection and clarity of speech, develop self-confidence, self-discipline and become better communicators.

Pupils from Year 1 - 6 are encouraged to take LAMDA examinations, held at the school annually. Established as a centre of excellence in performance training, The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art is the oldest drama school in the UK and has a prestigious reputation across the globe. LAMDA provides an examination syllabus that has been carefully refined and developed over many years by experts in education, acting and communication. This framework measures progress against an international standard and is designed to equip learners with a range of skills that will serve them throughout life.

We are fortunate enough to have two wonderful competitive music and drama festivals in our local area. These events provide children with a fantastic platform to showcase their work in front of audiences. Speech and Drama classes prepare children for performances at these competitions and a large number of our pupils compete in a range of classes including Verse Speaking, Prose Reading, Sight Reading and Acting.

Both the LAMDA examinations and drama festivals offer children an opportunity not only to perform, but also make contact with expert practitioners outside of their immediate teaching environment and receive critical appraisal and guidance for future development.

Here at Alleyn Court, we very much enjoy watching our young performers grow in both talent and confidence as they revel in these opportunities.

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