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Art & DT


The Art and D.T. curriculum is central to ensuring all children develop an understanding of the importance and enjoyment of being creative. It is designed to encourage all children, regardless of their age and ability, to explore and discover the enjoyment of art.

The history of art is an integral part of the schemes of work. Pupils study the styles and techniques of a wide range of artists that have been carefully picked, because their work can be imitated easily, and provide children with experience of different skills and techniques, as well as an appreciation of the historic contexyt of each artist. In Year’s 1-3, pupils study the work of artists such as André Derain, Pablo Picasso, Karel Appel and Victor Pasmore.  These painters can be successfully investigated, without children having to worry, yet, about the finer points of art such as line and tone or perspective.

As the children progress through each year group they are able to take on board more challenging themes and techniques within the art world, and they do not become daunted by the new concepts that they are faced with.


Children are gradually introduced to the “tricks of the trade”, to enable them to produce work at the highest level possible whatever the age group they are in. This is a theory that has been developed over thirty years of teaching, and it works very well, as the standard of artwork on display can testify.  Children at Alleyn Court have had wonderful successes achieved at a National level in art competitions. Every pupil, during their time at Alleyn Court will have most of their artwork put on display from the start of Year 1, right through to Year 6.

The D.T. projects for Year 5 and Year 6, are selected in the same manner as the art projects, to enable each pupil regardless of their practical ability to produce results that they can be proud of, whilst learning new skills. Children will, by the end of their time in the school, had careful instruction in the use of basic tools and some power-tools,.

All of the items the pupils create are reflections of the world around them, the retail industry, craft, design and advertising. In the ‘old days’ this was known as “Point of Sale”, and was part of the curriculums of many foundation courses run by Art and Technology Colleges.

An eminent British inventor was once quoted as saying that we have a multitude of great designers in this country, but they are unable to convert their ideas into models as they didn’t have the chance at an early age to use tools.

With this in mind the pupils at Alleyn Court have , and will, be given every possible opportunity to use tools such as hacksaws, coping saws, hand drills, files, hammers and screwdrivers in order for them to be confident in their usage when they encounter them at senior schools. This of course, gives them a tremendous advantage in this subject when they move on.

Art and D.T. lessons are universally popular with all of the children at Alleyn Court. The only complaint that you hear, on a regular basis, is that the lesson seems to be over so quickly. Time flies by when you are enjoying yourself!

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