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Religious Education

Religious Education is taught in order to enthuse, inspire and educate young people. It gives the pupils an opportunity to learn and reflect about religious experiences that different people have had over time.

Religious Education enables the pupils to think beyond their normal daily experiences.

The content of the Religious Education programme at Alleyn Court draws from the locally agreed syllabus ExploRE (2015). The syllabus focuses on: Exploring Shared Human Experience; Exploring Religious Traditions; Exploring Beliefs and Values; and Exploring Personal Meaning.


PSHE (personal, social and health education) is taught as both a subject and implicitly within the pastoral life of the school. 

Through this children become more resilient, have increased self-esteem, develop good risk-taking abilities, learn to work effectively as a team and acquire critical thinking skills. Discussions and questioning form a large part of these lessons, this encourages curiosity of their immediate and the wider world.

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