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Geography & History



At Alleyn Court, we believe that the exploration and understanding of the surroundings in the world in which we live enhances the well-being of individuals and the world as a whole.

Pupils’ gain a thorough knowledge and understanding of places and environments throughout the world, using maps, iPads, electronic field equipment and library resources. We provide them with a range of investigative and problem-solving skills both inside and outside the classroom using our school site and forest school as well as using the local beach environment.


For a school which was founded in 1904, History is always going to be important. Alleyn Court provides the perfect setting in which to bring History alive and to spark that interest in previous lives, whilst encouraging an awareness of how these issues and events may still resonate today. In their time at the school, pupils cover a wide range of topics from the Stone Age to Britain since 1930.

In History, we really do have adventures in Wonderland.

History in a vacuum is dead – it needs fresh air and energy to come back to life. At Alleyn Court, our aim is to create a sense of wonder, inquisitiveness and a desire to learn more.

Just as Alice grew taller after eating the cake, we aim to expand pupils’ knowledge of the past (with all its glory and gruesomeness!), yet shrinking those details to a child’s size by sipping the Drink Me elixir. Learning takes place inside and outside the classroom and includes trips, projects and events such as the popular Fashion Show.

  • The experience continuesConnect with us…