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Core Subjects



In English we, at Alleyn Court, aim to appreciate, enjoy and use the English language in all its variations. A creative and reflective approach is taken in learning how to speak, read, write and listen. 

Guided reading schemes and an extensive library encourage pupils to explore and enjoy the world of literature and enable them to become independent learners from an early age. 

The understanding of grammar and language skills are articulated in speaking and writing tasks to enable pupils to effectively transfer these skills across the curriculum and in the world around them. Opportunities to practise and promote literacy skills in class assemblies, school productions, public debating, reading and writing competitions ensure that all pupils have a confidence to communicate for both a purpose and for their enjoyment.     


Maths is the most international of languages and vital to being able to access the greatest number of exciting future choicesMaths at Alleyn Court opens doors to a plethora of successful futures whilst being fantastic fun right now.

Through wonderful class teaching in Yrs1-3 and through the specialist skills of our Maths Department we ensure children develop genuine enjoyment in mathematics.

Every student is capable of being successful if they are given the right opportunities – and challenging opportunities are what we provide!


Science is taught throughout the school from the Pre Prep, via cross curricular teaching, to the main school who have lessons dedicated to science.

At each stage the science curriculum is designed to engender an enthusiasm for the physical, chemical and living world. Lessons are often practically based with children encouraged to ask questions, explore, solve problems and be curious about the scientific phenomena around them.


  • The experience continuesConnect with us…