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A Day in Junior School


Lily – Yr1

A day in Lily's life.

Before School

I sometimes have a club before school and today it’s Gymnastics, with Miss Rush and Miss Bradley. We are practising lots of different gymnastics for a routine. It's lots of fun and lots of my friends come too!


After we line up, we go into our classroom, we start our fun lessons. This morning we have Maths and Science, it was really fun and I enjoyed moving around the class rooms looking at the different senses.

Break time

At break today I can go to Art Club, the library or play outside on the massive school field. I have chosen to go to Art Club today to do some painting with Mr Larwood, he is really funny and great at art! All his paintings are beautiful and very colourful.

After Break

After break we have English and reading, I am in Miss O’Dell’s group and we get to go to the new class rooms in the Junior block for our group work. I love reading and am nearly a free reader! After English we go to Music with Mr Moore, we have been trying out lots of new instruments. My favourite has been the trumpet so far, Mr Moore says I am the loudest!


We have yummy lunches with lots of choice, my favourite is the Roast Dinners on a Wednesday, the salad bar and the puddings. After we have eaten, we go out to the playground or the field, unless we have a club. Today I have my LAMDA practice with Mrs Wells, we have already taken part in the Southend Festival, where my one friends won the Gold medal and we have had our exams. 


This afternoon we have Geography followed by Games. In Geography we have be discovering all about the United Kingdom, I did a project on Northern Ireland. Games is like PE except we do different sports, this term we are playing Rounders and Cricket. We have already played Netball, Hockey and Football.

After School

There are lots of clubs after school for all the children, today for Year 1’s there is football, drama and Prep. I have had such a busy day, so I am going home to get ready for another fun day tomorrow.

Lily Smith 1F

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