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11+ Preparation


The Curriculum

At Alleyn Court we offer a broad and inclusive curriculum to prepare all pupils for their future secondary schools. With over half of our pupils gaining places to one of the region’s Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex (CSSE), our curriculum is designed to prepare our pupils to the highest academic standards.

11 Plus and Secondary School Preparation

From the Pre-Prep onwards, we follow the National Curriculum which ensures that all key learning objectives are being met and that pupils are making the very best progress. In Maths we also use the Singapore Maths teaching method which allows pupils to master mathematical concepts using a 3 step learning method.  Subject specialist teaching in Year 4 to Year 6, nurtures children’s early development in these subjects and develops independence and self-confidence.

In Year 4,5 and 6, pupils receive Maths and English lessons from subject specialist teachers. Furthermore, our accelerated and enhanced Year 5 curriculum ensures that the key mathematical and English skills from the upper Key Stage 2 curriculum are taught prior to the 11 plus exam. Within these lessons, time is provided to practise 11 plus questions and papers which have been designed and produced by our specialist teachers.

Year 5 pupils sit two 11 plus mock exams in the spring and summer terms and written and verbal feedback is provided for parents following these exams. Additionally, we provide Maths and English writing clubs during break times and provide 11 plus booster sessions in the summer holidays.

Whilst we are proud of our 11 plus success rate, we also ensure that all pupils at Alleyn Court are given an individualised and comprehensive academic preparation so that they have the knowledge, confidence and skills to succeed in their future secondary schools.

Independent Schools and Scholarships

As our name suggests, we are an independent  “Preparatory” school and every year many of our pupils successfully sit entrance and scholarship exams to a variety of independent schools including Felsted, Brentwood and New Hall.  In addition to our broad and enhanced curriculum, personalised attention is given to prepare our pupils for entrance exams, interviews and sporting, musical and academic scholarships.

Parental Support

At Alleyn Court we greatly value the impact and support that parents have on their child’s education. We, therefore, provide opportunities to help and inform parents in supporting their children at Alleyn Court. As well as regular parental consultation evenings, parents are invited to information sessions on Montessori teaching, English and Maths teaching and Year group transition meetings. Prior to their move to secondary school, meetings are provided to help parents make informed choices on choosing the best secondary school for their child.

  • The experience continuesConnect with us…